Top Builders Group is pleased to announce that its Managing Director, Mr. Forest Hon Cheong Tang, has been elected as President of the Macau Construction Association by its members. The presidential term is for 3 years and commences on July 2014.

The MCA is one of the leading associations that represents the building and construction industry in Macau. Since its establishment, over 230 companies have joined the MCA. More than 20,000 workers are engaged in the building and construction sector in Macau.

The main objective of MCA is to unite fellow companies in this industry and uphold the interest of its members with respect to business in construction via providing a platform of communication within the industry, as well as with the Macau government and various sectors of Macau society. The current focus of the MCA is to liaise with various parties and stakeholders to resolve issues and problems arising from construction regulations, contractual disputes and foreign labour policy etc., which have been frequently encountered by the members.