Owner / Client : Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Macau)Ltd. 

Contractor : Top Builders Macau Co., Ltd.

Value of Work : MOP85M

Construction Period : 2021.05 – 2022.03

Installation of 2.5Km long running surface, guide rails, power rails, emergency sidewalks and special handrail systems for the LRT Taipa to Barra Section.

Top Builders Macau is glad to announce its new railway project with Mitsubishi, the previous Taipa project had been finished successfully three years ago. Most of the works will be carried out underneath the inner passage of the Macau Third Bridge. Therefore, various complicated close environmental factors need to be considered, special transportation needs to be arranged too. Due to the high precision requirements of the light rail system, the rail installation tolerance must within a few millimeters or even zero tolerance. The accuracy and quality works done by Top Builders had been recognized by Consultants and our Clients before, we will keep up our good work!